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15 Minute Frenzy - $2o.oo  plus tax per  person


Our 15 Minute Frenzy rooms are perfect for finding out the best way to throw your ex’s things onto the front lawn. 8 glass bottles, 5 plates/bowls/tchotchkes, and 3 cups to be exact. We’ll provide the bats if you provide the anger. 

3O Minute Rage - 5o.oo plus tax per  person


Mad at your mom? Still have some teenage angst left over? No problem. All 10 of those fine china dishes? Pretend they're hers. Smash 15 of your brother’s beer bottles and 5 of your dad's cups while you’re at it. Grab a crowbar and destroy the end table and microwave. 

3O Minute Anarchy - 75.oo plus tax per person


Ever been so angry that you want to destroy the whole room? Now’s your chance. You have a furnished room, baseball bats, hammers, and crowbars. Use them. Nothing is safe. The TV, the windows, the plates, the paintings, all furniture? Flip the tables! Smash it all. 

There is a minimum of two participants for the Anarchy Room.


Are 30 minutes not enough? Don’t sweat it, we offer a 1-hour session too! 

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